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​​Stratigraphy and sedimentology begins with detailed descriptions of conventional cores, and analyses of wireline-logs.  Paleontologic data, including micropaleo and palynology, and ichnological data are input as part of the sequence stratigraphic framework. Lithofacies, depositional facies and depositional settings are identified for the cored and uncored intervals of wells, and the data prepared for geologic modelling. 

Reservoir quality


This includes both micro-scale rock characterization, and analysis of the fluid-storage and fluid-flow properties of reservoir rocks.  The work includes detailed petrography from thin-section, SEM/EDS and XRD studies.  Closely linked to this is the analysis of porosity, permeability and hydrocarbon saturation based on core-plug data.  All these reservoir quality studies are referenced to lithofacies in order to be able to make direct comparisons across a range of wells, fields and geologic provinces.  



A range of courses, covering both the theoretical and applied aspects of sedimentology and reservoir quality, have been prepared and are available on request.  The courses include both in-class lectures, core workshops and field studies.  Geological field seminars have been prepared and run previously in numerous parts of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa and the USA. 

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