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SED&RQ P/L is a geological consulting company specifically dealing with stratigraphy, sedimentology and reservoir quality of sandstones.  Much of the work concerns the study and analysis of conventional cores taken in the subsurface by the oil and gas industry.  The studies are aimed at improving our understanding of the basic elements of the rocks that form subsurface reservoirs, their texture, composition and large-scale architecture.  The scale of investigation runs from macro and regional, to micro and intergranular (100's of km to microns).  The sedimentological and petrological studies of the core are related to their wireline-log properties by means of detailed lithofacies (reservoir facies) matching, and this in turn provides a methodology for inputting fundamental data for geological modelling.  The data are married to the core analysis data (porosity, permeability & saturation, etc.) as part of this workflow.


sandstone reservoir continuity
sandstone core lithofacies
sandstone reservoir quality
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